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Sense and Sensibility of Hindraf’s Moorthy

In Hindraf - Sense and Sensibility, Kata Sayang Kristian on 13/12/2011 at 15:55

This diwali, I have gotten to meet Moorthy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waytha_Moorthy_Ponnusamy) and a very loving group of Indian Malaysians in the hills of a Northern California home. Prior to attending the meetup, I carry with me the news of ‘sensibility’ of how DAP has delivered the community ‘evicted’ from Kampung Buah Pala with appropriate housing arrangement. (http://www.thesundaily.my/news/186054). I am told that Kampung Buah Pala incident is the deal breaker between Hindraf and Pakatan’s DAP. Hindraf’s rejection of the deal is the reason why Hindraf ought to be outlawed for their lack of sensibility and does not respect the state’s greater need for progress. After all, DAP did offer to provide equitable repayment for all who are affected.

I didn’t have the privilege to join the 2007 Hindraf Rally, nor am I there in the 2011 Bersih. But, through tweeter live feeds, I tried to be there throughout the 2011 Bersih from afar. I experienced brotherhood, and genuine love for each other that crosses the boundaries of race and religion. We are all awaken by that that one rally, no matter where we stand on various issues. I missed my fellow Hindraf brothers (and sisters) in the 2011 Bersih. Yet, I know many of our Hindraf brothers were there also in the Bersih rally, even though not rallying under the Hindraf banner.

2011 Bersih has happened without Hindraf because Moorthy claims there is something greater than fair election at stake. There is something bigger than the notion of Hindraf, which is merely a name which he confided that he would gladly throw away, if he could get one more Malaysian see the cause he is fighting for. The end of Hindraf is not merely fair election, just as fair election is not the end for all who experienced Bersih.

Prior to the meetup, I ridiculed the sensibility of Moorthy for his effort to sue the government of United Kingdom (http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/06/24/hindraf-seeking-more-classified-documents-to-sue-britain/). I wondered why should we still hang on to the past hatred towards our past colonial master for the past century.

After the meetup, I have been won over by Moorthy’s sense of respect for the rule of law. Even when our judges, and police has no sense of respect for the spirit behind the rule of law, we, the people, should not loose our sensibility to give up hope for the goodness behind our desire to respect the rule of law. The foundation of our Rukunegara is that there is goodness behind our set of law. Why should we loose hope of the nation that has given us our existing rule of law, unless we choose to do so?

Today, the government of United Kingdom has classified a lot of the correspondence during the formation of our nation. Pragmatically speaking, we know that the Malaysia then is a nation built on the economic interest of rubber tapping and tin mining, a nation built on the back breaking labor of Indians and Chinese. As such, Moorthy sees no reason United Kingdom would have granted the nation an independence, in which United Kingdom would not see to it that all people in Malaysia would work harmoniously for the Kingdom’s interest. On top of that, the ruling of human rights has already been ‘codified’ under United Nation.

Thus, there is no reason to see that the Malaysia’s formation would allow the formulation of a policy, such as New Economic Policy, despite the existence of Article 153 which essentially granted the majority having more rights than minorities. Perhaps, the government of United Kingdom has something to hide from the sensibility of her people. Perhaps, today could be the day for United Kingdom to stand tall and proud, as they face up to the possible inconvenient truth that there may be wrong doings in the past.

Our Perkasa brothers claim that our Constitution has provided our Malay brothers unquestionable rights, since the inception of discussion of independence. Perhaps, as a people, if we still have hope for such thing known as truth, we could look upon the government of United Kingdom to reveal us their recorded truth? We know we are asking a lot from Her Majesty’s court, since our own government controlled court would hardly be willing to rule on the disclosure of classified documents related to May 13. Nonetheless, perhaps, suing the current United Kingdom government to declassify those early documents, is not such a bad deal for United Kingdom’s growth as a nation, as they seek to come to terms in learning to respect the spirit of their law.

As a nation, we grew to learn the sensibility to accept the fact that we should move beyond race based politics. Yet, we have no sense of compassion towards the plight of our Hindraf brothers, as we shun the plea of Hindraf. Some of us chose to outlaw them, while others chose to disassociate ourselves from them. Perhaps, we are indeed doing what Hindraf been crying out loud that, as a nation, we are committing ‘genocide’ towards our Indian brothers? Have we lost our senses as we continue to ignore Hindraf’s cry, and perpetuate the misery of an under-class currently born to serve a class of rent seeker, in our ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ 1Malaysia? Shouldn’t there be room in our 2020 vision to measure the nation’s growth by the poorest lot, as we seek to build a God pleasing Islamic nation? Are Indians in Malaysia so cursed that, they do not deserve the blessings of a gracious Allah also? Shouldn’t there be room to celebrate our common struggle in the past, to allow the enshrinement of Hindraf heritage, as we seek a more pleasing ‘tanahair’ to our Creator?

There is no compulsion in Islam. Perhaps, we could make room for a few more reasonable soul to believe that is the case in this ‘tanahair’ of ours?