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Suara satu anak bangsa malaysia

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In my young viewpoint, buruk and pelik cut across ethnic lines.  I never had trouble with sayang across ethnic lines because I grew up colour blind. Sure, I knew about the existence of racial differences. But to me that was merely another variation in the wide spectrum of the human mix before me. I liked or disliked the person, not the ethnicity.

Buruk and pelik caused feelings in me that did not automatically include sayang.  Curious, fearful, amused… sayang was something I had to learn.  Today, with what I believe to be a better understanding of man’s purpose in being born in the flesh, I realise that there is a reason for everything, for every kind of person that I encounter.  I may not understand each meaning but there surely is one which I may someday come to understand.

God suggests that we “solaa” – the Arabic word which translates as “serve”.  How can we serve a God who is Omnipotent and Omnipresent? Only by serving His creation.  And therein lies our purpose – to learn to love and serve all of God’s creation.  Be you buruk or pelik or anything else, I masih sayang you. Kami semua adik-beradik.

SV Singam
Anak Bangsa Malaysia
Currently into my 6th decade of an interesting and fulfilling life.

* Editor’s Note: SV’s suara reminds us of kata-kata sayang by PM Najib and DSAI.  At times, I wonder you too would be excited if PM Najib could lead BN to join Pakatan and MCLM and fight Perkasa together in the next GE?  Do tweet about us, if you agree.  If not, do consider leaving a comment, as we are always eager to hear from you.