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Cabaran dihadapi Sisters-in-Islam juga cabaran Brothers-in-Ummah rela serah

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  • Rights to be ‘striked’

…. good women are qanitat (have qunut) guarding in secret that which Allah has guarded. As for those from whom you fear nushuz, admonish them, then banish them to beds apart and strike them. But if they obey you seek not a way against them (4:34).

KataSis: http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/download.php?view.27

  • Rights to be shared

If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two or three or four, but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly (with them) then only one … that will be more suitable to prevent you from doing injustice. (an-Nisa 4:3)

KataSiS: http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/news.php?cat.7

  • Rights to be married off young

because the Prophet married Aisha when she was 9.

KataSis: http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/news.php?cat.41

  • Rights to inherit half of …

In what your wives leave, your share is half. If they leave no child; but if they leave a child, ye get a fourth; after payment of legacies and debts.   In what ye leave, their share is a fourth, if ye leave no child; but if ye leave a child, they get an eight; after payment of legacies and debts.  If the man or woman whose inheritance is in question, has left neither ascendants nor descendants, but has left a brother or a sister, each one of the two gets a sixth; but if more than two, they share in a third;  after payment of legacies and debts; so that no loss is caused (to anyone).   Thus it is ordained by Allah; and Allah is All-Knowing, Most Forbearing” [Al Qur’an 4:11-12]

“They ask thee for a legal decision.  Say: Allah directs (thus) about those who leave no descendants or ascendants as heirs.   If it is a man that dies, leaving a sister but no child, she shall have half the inheritance.  If (such a deceased was) a woman, who left no child, her brother takes her inheritance.   If there are two sisters, they shall have two thirds of the inheritance (between them).   If there are brothers and sisters, (they share), the male having twice the share of the female.   Thus doth Allah makes clear to you (His Law). [Al Qur’an 4:176]

KataSis: http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/news.php?cat.42

  • Rights to be divorced at no fault or at ease, with even a mere SMS message, yet nearly impossible to divorce

O Prophet, when you [Muslims] divorce women, divorce them for [the commencement of] their waiting period and keep count of the waiting period, and fear Allah , your Lord. Do not turn them out of their [husbands’] houses, nor should they [themselves] leave [during that period] unless they are committing a clear immorality. And those are the limits [set by] Allah . And whoever transgresses the limits of Allah has certainly wronged himself. You know not; perhaps Allah will bring about after that a [different] matter. (Talaq 65:1)

KataSis: http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/comment.php?comment.news.297

My dear rakan-rakan in Ummah, cabaran SiS itu juga cabaran bro.  Apa dia respon kita hadap pandangan Sis?
Patut kita implement idea dari Morrocco?


Atau, individually offer a surat-sayang which gives our sis when we get married, no matter how our Qadis, or Muftis would read them, since we know that an Islamic marriage is a contract, and not a sacrament?

KataSis: http://www.sistersinislam.org.my/comment.php?comment.news.1031

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Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia Topsy-Turvy

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Dutch Proverb

Pieter Bruegel – Topsy-Turvy | Google Art Project

Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted the ‘Topsy Turvy World’ in 1559.

Since then, our Tanah Melayu has her fair share of topsy-turvy experience.  One Sunday, I am being reminded that down is the only way up for people living in a topsy-turvy world. Else, we would not call such a world topsy-turvy, where in is out, and up is down.  Without going down, Melayu will surely ‘Hilang’ forever in a topsy-turvy world that the nation is in.

So, I thought when we Malaysians could each put into our hearts and minds that we are all mere penumpang in this world, we could achieve this dream of “1Malaysia, for Ketuanan Rakyat, Asal Boleh Ubah kind of Vision 2020 Makkal Sakthi Wassatiyah Ummah Kebajikan”.

After all I do believe in what Simon Peter says in 1 Peter 1:24 that

All people are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field;

the grass withers and the flowers fall;…

Penumpang is the perfect antidote for ‘Ketuanan’, especially when it is coupled with a willingness to sacrifice for each other.

Yet, I soon realized if only things could be as simple as what Simon Peter says.

I have little faith that DSAI would answer to the call of ‘Ketuanan Penumpang’.  When DSAI was invited to give a talk at UC Berkeley a couple of years ago, I got to ask if DSAI would introduce a reconciliation reading of May 13 into the syllabus for secondary schools.  I didn’t get a reply.

When Nurul Izzah sent out info about her wish to meet with friends of Keadilan in London, I did my part to send in my thoughts scripted in my blog posting to suggest Article 153 could be ended in the name of Wassatiyah [ http://wp.me/p1ChLd-3q ].  I didn’t get a reply.  Coincidentally, what I got is a strange silence from the Prime Minister’s office on Wassatiyah, since then.

This Easter, through a MalaysiaForum 2012 event, I got to listen to Datuk Lee Hwa Beng’s candid sharing of experience as a down and out politician, that all politicians of previous generation had to use strong right wing rhetoric to climb up their respective party ladders, even though they may not believe in what they say.  Datuk Lee reminded us that it is best that this generation don’t follow such habit. I guess this means that aspiring politicians of this generation should follow the path of having courage to be meek, just as how Datuk Lee took the courage to publish all that he knows on the Port Klang corruption incident. Yet, when being asked if he would still suggest what he said a year ago that Christians should fight against PAS’s Islamic Ummah, since he left MCA, Datuk Lee replied sheepishly that it is ‘too sensitive to comment’. His comment left the younger Muslims, Christians and Malaysian audience of other faith or no faith at UC Berkeley I was with, lost and wonder if anything has changed, or ought to change in our topsy turvy fight for ketuanan of one over another.

After years of working as an activist, Rienhold Neibuhr realized that even an ideal society had to coerce some into conforming to the ideal.  While an individual could choose to sacrifice one’s share of provision for the greater good, one could never claim rights to give away the rights of those one represents, as Neibuhr explains in his essay ‘Moral Man and Immoral Society‘. Rights of those we represent, is not for us to give away.  Gandhi is willing to give away his own life, but he would never compromise when it comes to the rights of those he represents.  Come August, when Moorthy returns to Malaysia for Hindraf, even if he could escape jail time, he still wouldn’t be accepted by either of the two party systems.  All the two system party leaders are there to represent those they represent, if not merely there for their own welfare, as what Machiavellian princes do. It’s not DSAI, Nurul, or Datuk Lee’s fault for their decisions not to answer.

How can any responsible wakil Melayu give away rights of the Melayu?  Yet, such tenacious battle of rights in the name of ketuanan is the exact cause for our topsy-turvy Malaysia.  For more than half a century, Malaysians have been ruled by a loveless power of coercion.

Dr Kua Kia Soong informed us that the “May 13 Incident” was a pogrom [organized massacre of helpless people], and not a racial riot caused by Communists, in response to DPM Muhiyiddin’s reminder of May 13 before GE-13. [ http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/may-13-umnos-effete-election-weapon-kua-kia-soong/]

With the May 13 incident, there goes the agreed recommendation from Reid Commission that “that no new quotas or preferences be granted to Malays, but that existing special rights should be continued with some modifications for a period of fifteen years, after which the whole position might be reviewed”, as per what I read from a book published in 1960, titled ‘History of Malaya’ by J Kennedy, a senior lecturer in History at Malayan Teachers’ Training College, Kirkby.  J Kennedy gave thanks to many Malay teachers-students at Kirkby who contributed to his work in his preface.

There was never an agreement to dishonor Reid Commission’s recommendation as per what Dato Seenivasagam reminded Malaysians in a rally in Ipoh on April 1969.  Reid commission gave us Malaysians our Constitution.  Yet, after 1969, the strong armed rhetoric has forever denied Malaysian her own only chance to be just for her people, 3 years before the time for the nation to take courage to take on their agreed upon challenge.  Since then, May 13 and special rights have been misused by the rulers to perpetuate their legitimacy to protect a few, and coerce almost everyone else on their paths to the abyss of the topsy-turvy world of ketuanan.

Paul Tillich’s work on ‘Love, Power and Justice’ suggested that loveless power would not last, while powerless love would lead to mere idle talk, if it is not followed with actions that lead to justice.  Justice guided by a genuine heart of love for each other is the only pragmatic approach to be taken by any society that aspires to last.

The call to end Article 153 is not done to appease Penumpang Kristian.  It is a pragmatic call to every generation of Melayu from the heart of Hang Tuah’s ‘Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia’ to save themselves from this topsy-turvy situation this nation is in.  Whenever any soul searching Melayu wonders why there are no honest Chinese or Indians working around them, the answer could likely be something closer to their hearts than their minds would be willing to accept.  The dishonest loves to hang out with each other in a topsy turvy world.

Niebuhr has given us the knowledge that political organizations would always only coerce.  But, modern day pragmatic political theory reminded us that 2 other forces, that is the force of distortion and subjugation, are always at work.  The force of distortion happens whenever princes fight amongst themselves vying for ‘Ketuanan’.  The force of subjugation from the rakyat wishing to get their rights represented gets the princes work for their good.  Since neither of today’s forces of distortion by the princes in Malaysia are fighting for justice and truth of ending Ketuanan, perhaps, it is good for a few good rakan-rakan to shore up the courage to put aside what we own today, and share our thoughts for the greater good that has been distorted by Ketuanan.

Subjugation needs no destructive force of Arab Spring. At times, it merely needed a collective effort of resignations privately from the glory of this world to accept an ugly past that we inherited, and admit fault, and vouch not to repeat such transgression again.

Perhaps, we could all learn from the serenity prayers from the sober at ‘Alcoholic Annonymous’ on this fasting month.

God, give us grace to accept with serenity
the things that cannot be changed,
Courage to change the things
which should be changed,
and the Wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other.

Living one day at a time,
Enjoying one moment at a time,
Accepting hardship as a pathway to peace,
Taking, as Jesus did,
This sinful world as it is,
Not as I would have it,
Trusting that You will make all things right,
If I surrender to Your will,
So that I may be reasonably happy in this life,
And supremely happy with You forever in the next.

To my fellow rakan-rakan who are trying to wake up from this mass ‘kemabukan’, let’s have courage to accept the truth behind May 13.  True reconciliation is just around corner, as long as we are willing to accept our current condition.  Pray that we will all have the courage and heart to share this blog posting to our friends and families, so the truth could be unveiled.

Kotor and Bersih 3.0 @ SF

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Assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuh.

Peace be upon us Malaysians.

Each of us do intend to peacefully come and go.

Yet, as we know it, peace is not in our hearts.

As Malaysians, we love and respect our Sultan and Raja

So, we have set aside the color ‘kuning’ for our Sultans.

Yet, one day today, we wear ‘kuning’.

We, the Rakyat, wanted our voice heard.

Who am I to use the phrase ‘We, the Rakyat’?

Yes, I am nobody.  I am not qualified to claim ‘Ketuanan’  over ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.

Exactly, a lot of us are nobody.

If you are like me, you too are a mere penumpang in this world.

20 years ago, I was a reluctant traveler who found himself pushed to the shores of America, as I come to know that there is no place for me in our ‘Fair’ Malaysian education system.

Today, if you are like me, you would still find yourself being a ‘nobody’. 

I find that, even if I had a vote at all from afar, my vote would not matter much.

If you doubt my words, please be reminded how little ‘MyOverseasVote’ movement had progress.

If you thought an urban KLite vote matters, look at the chart printed from Bridget Welsh’s note to us Malaysians (http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2012/04/27/high-stakes-for-bersih-3-0-rally/).

You will then notice it takes over  a hundred [and ten] thousands of us in Kapar to get our voice heard as opposed to five [seven] thousands of us in Putra Jaya to get the same voice heard in Parliament.

So much gerrymandering [malapportionment] had been done since our forgotten 1969 racial riots.

Today, it takes a miracle to change the balance in our Parliamentary system.

By vote, Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat owns KL today.

Yet, today, our KL mayor could still get away when he criminalizes KLites who merely wish to sit in the square which symbolizes the nation’s freedom.

KLite doesn’t even have the right to choose their mayor.

All of us are here with our own reasons. 

Many are here because we think our presence could result a better tomorrow.

But, some are merely here to ‘police’.  You know … to ‘mata-mata’?

In my religion, I learn that forgiveness is the place where justice and love meets.

It’s ok that some of us are here to police the others.

Given so, I hope it is okay for the authority to appreciate the Rakyat’s effort to wear ‘kuning’ today.

We are merely here to do the same policing work.

Rakyat wanted to forgive.  But, ‘Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan’ must  allow us to do so.

The first step of doing so, as Bridget Welsh put it, is to stop denying the fact that Malaysia had been a dirty ‘kotor’ nation.

Every fabric of our society is ‘kotor’ because the ‘Ketuanan’ in us exists.

This in turn has gradually formed a culture of cronyism, of ‘I help you, and you help me’.

Many of us are here reluctantly in SF because we wanted to escape the cronies that we grew up with.

Some of the fortunate few are here because the cronies around you and in you had been here to help.

That is the one reason we collectively don’t have peace in our hearts.

So I hope today’s ‘makan at the park at Fort Mason’ could be a day for all of us to remember.

It is day to share and convince each other that each of us have contributed to the ‘kotor’ in Malaysia.

It is through ‘bersih’, a movement towards fair and accountable election, can our collective ‘kotor’ conscience be made clean.

So, share your stories today.  Have courage to share it even with those who think they are not ‘kotor’.  We are mere passerby in this world.

We are thankful because of this beautiful Bersih 3.0 day.

May our Tuhan, whoever He may be, bless us all on whatever that is remaining of our day.


Saving Hang Tuah through a secular Islamic state

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Professor Khoo Khay Kim and Tun Mahathir claimed that Hang Tuah doesn’t exist. So, it is best to remove Hang Tuah from our history text. Many bloggers suggested the similarities found with efforts to declare Jesus never existed or God is dead. Some Christian theologians thought if we could identify some of ‘hidden Christ’ in other cultures, one day we could get more to agree that Jesus could have indeed always been the only way. Christians would merely have to keenly learn and appreciate the culture of the people whom they loved.

One such ‘hidden Christ’ I had in mind is Hang Tuah. The Sultan wanted to kill Hang Tuah, and Hang Tuah in return would kill the Sultan’s enemy, despite it happened to be Hang Tuah’s best friend.

In today’s ‘ketuanan Rakyat’, it is probably easier to identify with the Sultan. When we are conscientious, it is not difficult for us to imagine the ‘ketuanan’ in us would be suspicious and ready to kill anything that would challenge our individual ‘ketuanan’. Hang Tuah and Jesus are people hard to find in reality, and difficult to believe in their existence. Thus, we treasure those who could have faith of their existence as we admire how they had been able to live out the good news that had set
them free.

Since Hang Tuah is too good, the Sultan is too mess up, and we are too ‘perkasa’ to need Hang Tuah’s blessing, perhaps it is best that we wipe Hang Tuah out of historical existence.

A secular world doesn’t need mythology. Tanah Melayu doesn’t need mythology. Tun Mahathir had more than once claimed that Malaysia is an Islamic nation, and not a secular one. The Christian West needed mythology to proclaim their religiosity, but Islam is based on reason and historical record of words and deeds of the Prophet, as something Professor Al-Attas claimed in the text ‘Islam and Secularism’,
“islamization is the liberation of man first from magical, mythological, animistic,
national-cultural tradition opposed to islam, and then from secular control over his
reason and his language”

Mythology could only be a hindrance to our faithful surrendering Muslim rakan-rakan.
Yet, according to the constitution, to be Malay, one must follow the Adat which include the deep passion for Hang Tuah’s words that ‘Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia’ in every other Perkasa Rela UMNo rally.

At the end, we are often lost in the battle to reckon if this Tanah Melayu is a secular, or an Islamic nation. PAS has been created to build an Ummah, and yet they tell the rakyat to vote for DAP, which wanted a secular nation. In response, MCA reminded our Chinese that Pakatan has only been disingenuous, as they hide PAS’s true mission and ignore DSAI’s ABIM past, and only demonstrate Lim’s DAP is only hungry for power, at the Chinese rakyat’s expense. UMNO may have applied many seemingly Islamic acts to out-Islam PAS, such as the pretense to cane Kartika for drinking in public. But, for 54 years, Malaysia had truly mostly been a secular nation. The Hudud punishment for theft is the cutting off of the hand that stole. Yet, there is hardly one who had received such a punishment. Even DSAI had been merely being put into prison for the charge of stealing from the public, and being set free from
sodomy trials twice in the civil court, and not charged in any of the Islamic court.

Perhaps, MCA is correct in their claim that we are indeed living in a secular nation, where God is dead, albeit being a non-secular one in name.

I am told that Secularism started from France at the end of the 1800s, as a genuine effort to prevent the Catholic church from messing up the State affair, which could be best described as a belief that government and political issues should be kept separate from religious organizations and religious issue. Today, in France, even the mentioning of religious affinity are frowned upon in public life. Most recently, this even led to the banning of the hijab in the public French life. This is certainly something which most Malaysians would hate to see in Tanah Melayu.

In contrast, the United State’s first amendment is to prohibit the governmental interference with the ‘free exercise’ of religion, and prevent the governmental establishment of official national religion. This would lead to practices such as
no state fund is to be spent on building churches, while individual public servants and statesmen are free to publicly display the practice of their faith. Most Malaysians would not want to see public fund allocated for mosque building banned
in Malaysia. So, such form of secularism is out of discussion also.

What is left to be discussed then would merely be a hair splitting notion of
the kind of Islamic nation we would want. Do we want to an Islamic secular state which would kill Hang Tuah, which our officials seem to desire, or if we would want a secular Islamic state that would treasure Hang Tuah.

Professor An-Naim mentioned in “Islam and the Secular State: Negotiating the Future of Sharia” two ideas repeatedly why secularism is needed to be introduced into Islam in order for Islam to flourish.

One is that Islam has always been inherently diverse. Whenever a state attempts to implement Syariah Law, a question that would certainly come up is which school of thoughts should the state implement. Tun Mahathir has argued this is not an issue since all Malays only have 1 Sunni faith, and 1 Shafie madhab. So, there is no dispute on the first account. Yet, we question if it is Shafie or Hanafi Syariah law which our UMNO controlled Islamic authority has been practicing lately. Nonetheless, who am I, being a Chinese christian, to question what’s Shafie and what’s Hanafi.

The other is that central idea that there is no compulsion in Islam. Thus, a Muslim’s practice could only be valuable when it’s done via voluntary surrender without the coercion from the State. This too is something which Professor Al-Attas mentioned in ‘Islam and Secularism’. Many from previous generation of Ulama has been obsessed with Ibn Khaldun’s idea to rebuild the Ummah following the collapse of many Islamic civilizations. In Professor Al-Attas’s words, they have ignored the need to impart right kind of knowledge for individual growth. In contrast, efforts of many of such ulama’s emphasis on ‘[t]he stressing of society and the state opens the door to secularism and secular ideology and secular education.’

With the emphasis of educating the individual, allowing the individual to grow, one would begin to slowly appreciate the transcendent love imbued in Hang Tuah’s radical attendance to the need of the Ketuanan (which include all of us), despite much flaws found in the ‘Tuan-tuan’. Realization of such transcendent love amidst the majority is the only path that would lead to the creation of a genuine Islamic state.

In a recent discussion, Tim Keller, a Christian pastor in New York, commented in a discussion, that he is sad that we often fight each other because of our obsession that God dislike homosexuality, but forgot that having the right kind of marriage alone would not lead one onto heaven. As such, I pray my Muslim rakan-rakan too would not get too upset with conversion, such as Lina Joy’s, such that many could-be believers too would be deterred from opening up to many blessings from the Prophet’s message. If I am not mistaken, the land which give birth to giants such as Augustine and Tertullian too had one day become an Islamic land. As far as I can tell, no historian has concluded that it came through mere military might or mere forced coercion.

As a pilgrim, I am being reminded that I do not contain the truth as the truth belongs to God. Of this, this Christian is merely a little bit crazier in his obsession to seek out the mystery spot where ice, water and air existing together. Hopefully, with this in mind, some of my Malay rakan-rakan too could see the light in some of our search for a secular Islamic state that would treasure Hang Tuah, instead of an Islamic secular state that is obsessed in killing Hang Tuah.

In the same light, I hope many of my agnostic or atheist friends would be able to enjoy the little freedom they sought, and hopefully one day learn to appreciate hopes of many of the theists, and find the lost beauty in our Rukunegara.

P.S. [2012-08-24]  perhaps, a much better read on this subject matter.  http://dinmerican.wordpress.com/2012/08/23/secularism-islamic-state-and-the-state-of-islam/.  It is much better articulated than anything that this Kristian Cina could comment on this topic.

[2012-08-29] Yet another link on Aliran http://aliran.com/10011.html

I dream a dream called Wasatiyah

In Article 153 - A dream called Wasatiyah on 20/01/2012 at 14:19

There was a time when men were kind, their voices was soft, and their words inviting.
There was a time when love was blind, and the world is a song, and the song is exciting.
There was a time when it all went wrong.

I dream a dream in time gone by, when hope is high and life is worth living.
I dream a dream that love would never die, I dream that God will be forgiving.
I dream a dream called Wasatiyah where there would be no Article 153.

Article 153 is the abusive tool that has allowed the ultra right wing of UMNO robs the Malays their dignity, and place the rest in chains for the elite few.

We are told that the Malays needed help then, and the Article is now God’s gift to the faithful Malay Muslims, just as what prophet Mohammed pbuh proclaimed in the year 630/9, when different tribes from different parts of Arabia came to the Prophet to negotiate their relationship with the Muslim community,
"If a Jew or a Christian becomes a Muslim, he is a believer with his rights and obligations. He who holds fast to his religion, Jew or Christian, is not to be turned from it. He must pay the poll tax..."

But there was a time when the Prophet voice is more inviting, when the Prophet arrived at Medina in 622-624/1-3 and established the ‘Constitution of Medina’, which

..describes the Muslims and those who are attached to them and fight with them as 'one community' (Clause 1), and it is affirmed that a Jew who follows the Muslims has the same right as them to help and support (Clause 16). ... religious diversity is recognized and tolerated: '...To the Jews their religion and to the Muslims their religion...' (Clause 25); and 'It is for the Jews to bear their expenses and for the Muslims to bear their expenses. There is to be [mutual] "help" between them against whoever wars against the people of this document. Between them there is to be [mutual] giving of advice, consultation, and honorable dealing, not treachery ...' (Clause 37).

Yet, there was also a time when it all went wrong. In 628/7, the Prophet launched a military attack on an overwhelmingly Jewish town called Khaybar and besieged its population. After the siege, the terms agreed would be that the Jews would be allowed to cultivate the land with half of the produce being handed over to the Muslims, and the Muslims reserved the right to break the agreement and expel the Jews at any time.

There was a time when Christians are loved and trusted in 5:82 "because there are priests and monks among them, and because they are not proud; when they hear what has been sent down to the Prophet, you see their eyes overflowing with tears as they recognize the truth, and they say: 'Lord, we believe, count us with those who witness.'"

Then, there was a time when Christians are only accepted conditionally.

2:62 Those who believe, and those who are Jews, Christians, and Sabaeans, whoever believes in God and the Last Day and does right, their reward is with their Lord; no fear will come upon them, neither will they grieve.

3:55 When God said: 'O Jesus, I will take you and raise you to Me and cleanse you from those who disbelieve, and I will place those who follow you above those who disbelieve until the Day of Resurrection; then you will return to me and I will judge between you in what you differ over.'

5:66 Among the People of the Book, there are some who believe in God and what was sent down to you and what was sent down to them, humbling themselves before God, and not selling the verses [ayat] of God cheaply; their reward is with their Lord, who is swift to reckon.

Finally, there came a time when it all went wrong when Christians are said to be guilty of ‘kufr’ and ‘shirk’.

5:72 They who disbelieve [kafara] who say "God is the Messiah, son of Mary" ... God prohibits paradise to anyone who ascribes partners [yushrik] to God'.

5:73 ... "God is the third of three" ... If they do not desist from what they say, a painful punishment will befall those who disbelieve.

And, worst is the call in 9:29 Fight against .. until they pay the tribute readily, and being brought low.

I am no expert in the Prophet’s words and deeds. But, I could imagine how burdened his Muslim rakan-rakan must have felt in having to carry the weight of those words. For 54 years, the Indians, Chinese and others have walked alongside every sweet and difficult moments the nation experienced. Though not everyone could claim a friend who is of another race, but almost everyone would long to have a kawan karib from another race in our Tanah Melayu. Who would want to punish a friend?

It is a lot for one to sort out in a life time. This is even more so, as we each have to struggle through this life battling every inner greed, lust, doubt, hate and pride we encounter each day. Our Perkasa brothers are defending our faith, but so is DSAI who has reached across the aisle to work Allah’s keadilan for all. In reality, we live through each day with all kinds of name calling, slandering, finger pointing, and constant shouting of who is right and who is wrong. Perhaps, we do deserve it.

When the Prophet claims Christians and Jews of this world are ‘kufr’, who are we to think that they are not? To add insult to injury, there is much harm Christians have done to the Muslims, both in the past and in the current post 9/11 world. I don’t know much Islamic history, but for what I have seen, and what I have read, I would attest that there are very little redeemable Christian deeds in the past, and in the present. I have little hope of seeing much good Christian deeds in the future, especially in light of the harm and hurt my fellow Christians caused. What would this mortal know, what would any mere mortal know?

All that this mortal did is to copy words from the second chapter of ‘A History of Christian-Muslim Relations‘ by Hugh Goddard, that he got from a Half Price book for $6.99 2 weekends ago. Professor Hugh Goddard comes with an impressive title as the Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World. But, he too is a mere human, and nothing close to the last and greatest of the prophets.

Yet, if I have not learned anything from Prof Goddard, this I learned: I should know that Jesus’s grace is sufficient for me. I do not possess the truth as the truth belongs to God.

I am here to do no more change, than I am here to treasure and love what He has given me. Malaysia is what He has given me. Each and everyone of us is a mere pilgrim traveling together in this world.

We all know that yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today, a gift we called the ‘Present’.

Today, our Indian Hindraf brothers grieve, as many of their alienated kindred are facing the bleak reality of having no shelter, and no education. What little hope they have in the world beyond, passed down through culture and literature, for the next life is facing a slow death in this Tanah Melayu, with no possible solution in sight.

Without a political voice and a coherent ideology to share future building, the Malaysian Chinese are lost in their individual search for security through gold and comfort through food. We are told we are the most industrious, those most capable to overcome all adversities, in light of what our parents and grandparents went through in the previous century. Yet, few of us Chinese would admit that our wealthiest get to be wealthy in Malaysia only by kowtowing to the cronies, scheming and lying their ways to where they are. The best amongst us Chinese would not lead, and those who lead, lead for themselves, and most care not for their kindred, as we Malaysian Chinese has only the word ‘self’ that we truly trust. Almost like an instinct, we know that us Chinese are permanent penumpangs for all generations to come, though we are keenly aware of it being at odds with our nature. So, it is probably best to grab hold of all that is tangible today. The lucky few who made it are all well dressed, with baggage well packed, and yet have nowhere to go, nowhere that they would be able to call home. In reality, most Malaysian Chinese are stuck penniless and live each day like walking corpse, working day and night without end.

All these may be all over-generalized, but reality is no rosier when discussing this with some of the best of whom I get to know the past few days, through this utopian gang who called themselves MF. When being asked to fight the cause to end the abuse of Article 153, many replied with the pragmatic response that it shouldn’t be done, and doing so would rock the boat of progress too soon for Pakatan’s 2 party movement, or that it would anger the Muslim rakan-rakan. Some hide their discontent by reading Article 153 in a way that has never been read before. As per the brightest amongst them, Article 153 is to be read as something that put all race on the same footing, protected by their wakil and Sultans. I prayed that his wakil and his Sultan would read it the same new way also. But, yet, deep down, I am fearful that this too is a mere phony lie to ourselves, just as how Ah-Q would delude himself.

All of us do want the best for our friends. Yet, we ignore the inconvenient truth that we are not worthy for each other at times, as we could not believe that we are mere pilgrims in this world. Our Muslim rakan-rakan’s burden are indeed heavy. Yet, the burden could only be made light in this case as soon they have trust in the Prophet that there are times it is easy to imitate what the Prophet did when he enacted the ‘Constitution of Medina’. Prof Goddard reminded me that Prophet Mohammed pbuh had only reacted in less than liberal manner at times, when being challenged in his time and place. I wonder what threat the Indians and Chinese in Malaysia are posing to the Malays today. Or rather, perhaps, they are genuinely a people God sent for our Muslim rakan-rakan to reach out amidst this last days of the tectonic rise of Indian and Chinese economy?

Perhaps, it is time for this generation of Muslim rakan-rakan, to consider being a beacon of hope in this post 9/11 divided world? Perhaps, it is not that difficult to count the Chinese and Indians equal amongst our Muslim rakan-rakan and share the gains of this world, so they too could one day see the better side of Islam. For our own dignity, in light of teachings under Wasatiyah, we can all individually do that little more to pledge ourselves to cast Article 153 aside by signing this petition [click here]? If God is willing, if people agrees, perhaps, we can witness a dream called Wasatiyah becoming a reality sooner than we all expect.

Let Wasatiyah without Article 153 be one that help guide us our city of Mud (Kuala Kumpur) to become a city on the Hill which other nations could look up to. Let Vision 2020 be not an empty call for mere wealth building. Let’s build a nation where every rakyat could regain their dignity.

I dream a dream called Wasatiyah where there would be no Article 153.
I dream a dream of a time when hope is high and life is worth living.
I dream a dream that love would never die, I dream that God will be forgiving.

PS. I hate PS. But, for a dream to come true, it is hard to imagine one could make a dream come true without a plan. The plan may result some Muslim rakan-rakan not enjoying their past benefit, such as their housing discount. But, instead, the plan should aim to have more Muslims rakan-rakan who truly needed help get the needed help, enabling more to get to realize the dream of an affordable home. After all, isn’t the dream of Wasatiyah, a dream to build common wealth, just like PAS’s mentioned ‘Negara Kebajikan’? A gradual transition period would take place. Sultans would be consulted. Rakyat would be assured that no one gets less than what they have received, except for those elite few who has robbed us all. Drop a note in the comments, and share your plan? Send this to your Wakil and seek their opinions? Share your plan with your Facebook buddies?

Sense and Sensibility of Hindraf’s Moorthy

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This diwali, I have gotten to meet Moorthy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waytha_Moorthy_Ponnusamy) and a very loving group of Indian Malaysians in the hills of a Northern California home. Prior to attending the meetup, I carry with me the news of ‘sensibility’ of how DAP has delivered the community ‘evicted’ from Kampung Buah Pala with appropriate housing arrangement. (http://www.thesundaily.my/news/186054). I am told that Kampung Buah Pala incident is the deal breaker between Hindraf and Pakatan’s DAP. Hindraf’s rejection of the deal is the reason why Hindraf ought to be outlawed for their lack of sensibility and does not respect the state’s greater need for progress. After all, DAP did offer to provide equitable repayment for all who are affected.

I didn’t have the privilege to join the 2007 Hindraf Rally, nor am I there in the 2011 Bersih. But, through tweeter live feeds, I tried to be there throughout the 2011 Bersih from afar. I experienced brotherhood, and genuine love for each other that crosses the boundaries of race and religion. We are all awaken by that that one rally, no matter where we stand on various issues. I missed my fellow Hindraf brothers (and sisters) in the 2011 Bersih. Yet, I know many of our Hindraf brothers were there also in the Bersih rally, even though not rallying under the Hindraf banner.

2011 Bersih has happened without Hindraf because Moorthy claims there is something greater than fair election at stake. There is something bigger than the notion of Hindraf, which is merely a name which he confided that he would gladly throw away, if he could get one more Malaysian see the cause he is fighting for. The end of Hindraf is not merely fair election, just as fair election is not the end for all who experienced Bersih.

Prior to the meetup, I ridiculed the sensibility of Moorthy for his effort to sue the government of United Kingdom (http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/2011/06/24/hindraf-seeking-more-classified-documents-to-sue-britain/). I wondered why should we still hang on to the past hatred towards our past colonial master for the past century.

After the meetup, I have been won over by Moorthy’s sense of respect for the rule of law. Even when our judges, and police has no sense of respect for the spirit behind the rule of law, we, the people, should not loose our sensibility to give up hope for the goodness behind our desire to respect the rule of law. The foundation of our Rukunegara is that there is goodness behind our set of law. Why should we loose hope of the nation that has given us our existing rule of law, unless we choose to do so?

Today, the government of United Kingdom has classified a lot of the correspondence during the formation of our nation. Pragmatically speaking, we know that the Malaysia then is a nation built on the economic interest of rubber tapping and tin mining, a nation built on the back breaking labor of Indians and Chinese. As such, Moorthy sees no reason United Kingdom would have granted the nation an independence, in which United Kingdom would not see to it that all people in Malaysia would work harmoniously for the Kingdom’s interest. On top of that, the ruling of human rights has already been ‘codified’ under United Nation.

Thus, there is no reason to see that the Malaysia’s formation would allow the formulation of a policy, such as New Economic Policy, despite the existence of Article 153 which essentially granted the majority having more rights than minorities. Perhaps, the government of United Kingdom has something to hide from the sensibility of her people. Perhaps, today could be the day for United Kingdom to stand tall and proud, as they face up to the possible inconvenient truth that there may be wrong doings in the past.

Our Perkasa brothers claim that our Constitution has provided our Malay brothers unquestionable rights, since the inception of discussion of independence. Perhaps, as a people, if we still have hope for such thing known as truth, we could look upon the government of United Kingdom to reveal us their recorded truth? We know we are asking a lot from Her Majesty’s court, since our own government controlled court would hardly be willing to rule on the disclosure of classified documents related to May 13. Nonetheless, perhaps, suing the current United Kingdom government to declassify those early documents, is not such a bad deal for United Kingdom’s growth as a nation, as they seek to come to terms in learning to respect the spirit of their law.

As a nation, we grew to learn the sensibility to accept the fact that we should move beyond race based politics. Yet, we have no sense of compassion towards the plight of our Hindraf brothers, as we shun the plea of Hindraf. Some of us chose to outlaw them, while others chose to disassociate ourselves from them. Perhaps, we are indeed doing what Hindraf been crying out loud that, as a nation, we are committing ‘genocide’ towards our Indian brothers? Have we lost our senses as we continue to ignore Hindraf’s cry, and perpetuate the misery of an under-class currently born to serve a class of rent seeker, in our ‘Ketuanan Rakyat’ 1Malaysia? Shouldn’t there be room in our 2020 vision to measure the nation’s growth by the poorest lot, as we seek to build a God pleasing Islamic nation? Are Indians in Malaysia so cursed that, they do not deserve the blessings of a gracious Allah also? Shouldn’t there be room to celebrate our common struggle in the past, to allow the enshrinement of Hindraf heritage, as we seek a more pleasing ‘tanahair’ to our Creator?

There is no compulsion in Islam. Perhaps, we could make room for a few more reasonable soul to believe that is the case in this ‘tanahair’ of ours?


Ketuanan di Sebalik Bersih

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KJ pernah berpantun sedimikian.

Daun mengkudu di atas dulang
Anak udang mati dituba
Negara berpecah pembangkang girang
Demi kuasa dan tamak haloba
Pergi berburu nun ke sempadan
Dapat kancil kongsi bersama
Selagi hayat dikandung badan
Pemuda kekal pertahankan negara

Kuning itu warna ketuanan. Bila rakyat berkuning, itu makna rakyat ingin ketuanan mereka mempengaruhi polisi kerajaan. ‘Ketuanan Rakyat‘ itu slogan parti pembankang. Bersih mesti dipengaruhi pembangkang yang tamak kuasa.

Ketuanan itu Melayu. Ketuanan itu Islam. Bila Melayu itu beralim, ketuanan itu Melayu.

Maka, Polis DiRaja Malaysia harus berdiri gagah atas amanah Kerajaan pada hari 709.

Maddruid @Bersih

Courtesy of Maddruid http://maddruid.com/?p=8596

Ketuanan itu Islam. Ketuanan itu Allah. Allah yang beri Melayu itu kuasa ketuanan.

Tapi, Kerajaan UMNO Melayu itu masih beralim dan beriman?

Jeghui dapat komen begini dari rakan-rakan bila Jeghui buat kajian selidik.

“Malay against Malay. Islam gaduh sama sendiri. Kaum lain tepuk tangan”

Siuyea pula berkomen

‘Malay against Islam. Melayu bergaduh sama sendiri. Kaum lain menangis kerana negara makin melayu’


[Quran 5:48) Dan kalau Allah menghendaki nescaya Ia menjadikan kamu satu umat (yang bersatu dalam ugama yang satu), tetapi Ia hendak menguji kamu (dalam menjalankan) apa yang telah disampaikan kepada kamu. Oleh itu berlumba-lumbalah kamu membuat kebaikan (beriman dan beramal soleh)

Saying ‘I love U’ to Ibrahim Ali

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No! No! No!  This Penumpang Kristian hated Ibrahim Ali, and what Perkasa stood for.  I We have all the rights to make Ibrahim Ali my our public enemy.

This Penumpang remembered how he thought he was a mere passer-by the day he got his ticket to cross the ocean.  This Penumpang was even glad when DSAI was being sacked, and was thrilled when learn about the possibility of DSAI being jailed.

This Penumpang wanted to say, “Repent, you Melayu who had put yourself into a state of dilemma, as you departed from your God”  Islam is beyond race, and the prudent economic policy for a pluralistic small nation tugged between India and China, would certainly spell out a policy that does not discriminate against the Indians and Chinese who helped form the nation.   Yet, this Penumpang dare not say “Repent” as he find himself hating the Perkasa so much that he has no other dream, other than his haunting memory of longing to put a bullet into Tun Mahathir’s head, the day he came to realize how personal greed and hatred of the then new Melayus orchestrated the order that led  the police and the army killing hundreds of Pendatang Cina.

This Penumpang has lived through his years away from the country filled with hatred for a nation, he thought, that has robbed his life and identity.  When news that the nation was declared that it would go bankrupt by Pemandu, this Penumpang said this ‘Tanah Melayu deserved it’.

No! No! No!  No Sayang to the Perkasa who clearly does not deserve to repent, as what Jonah would say

‘I’m so angry I wish I were dead’

Apparently, this Penumpang Kristian has forgotten the first commandment, as per the sermon from Tim Keller, that

‘the salvation is from the Lord’, and that even Jonah  is an idolator filled with anger and hatred towards a people the Lord loved dearly.

This Penumpang used to think he could righteously hate the sons of Ishmael because even the Angel has said they are the donkeys fighting everyone.

“But your son will live far from his relatives; he will be like a wild donkey,fighting everyone, and everyone fighting him.”

But, this Penumpang was pointed out the error that he forgot the earlier verse that God love the sons of Ishmael so much that the angel has proclaimed Ishmael would be given many descendants, and that they too would become a great nation.

“I will give you a son, who will be called Ishmael,
because I have heard your cry for help. And later I will give you so many descendants that no one will be able to count them all.”

This Penumpang also came to learn from a PLO Fatah hero, who currently operates a school in Palestine, that the Arabs actually do love a type of wild donkeys, named ‘Onager‘, just like how we Malaysians love our ‘OrangUtan‘.   These onagers run swiftly and freely across the desert of Arabia, just like the horses that roam freely in the rugged Malboro country.

This Penumpang learnt that, as Christians, we are merely people living in a world past Good Friday, awaiting the dawn of the ultimate Easter with our Lord, no matter how we theologically read our millennium revelation.

“The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat,

and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them.”

If, before the millennium, the wolf would become the lamb, or if the goat would become the leopard, the picture of the ultimate Easter would not hold true.  A calf is a calf, and a goat is a goat till the end of this age.

This Penumpang would not know how this picture could come about, nor would he know if he is the actual big bad wolf today.  But, this Penumpang knows, that even if Ibrahim Ali looks like a big bad wolf, he, as a Muslim, too must have long for Jesus’s return, with or without the presence of Mahdi.

Our Perkasa Muslim rakan-rakan would probably only forgive as kings and princes.  But, we, the Penumpang Kristian, have the honor to forgive as servants, just as how our sweet Jesus taught us that

forgiveness is the place where justice and love meets.

DSAI had quoted T.S Eliot in a speech on living in a divided word to urge us to go beyond our bird brained reality,

“Go, go, go, said the bird: Human kind
Cannot bear very much reality.”

This migrating bird only hope to find rest in Paul’s word ‘to die is to gain, to live is for Christ‘ as he looks forward to the Bersih2.0 meetup this June 9 below the Golden Gate, remembering his love for the nation across the ocean.

Yes! Yes! Yes!  This Penumpang would say ‘I love U too, Ibrahim Ali’ because I too was once full of hate.  Ibrahim, forgive this Penumpang, who loves dearly this Tanah Melayu also?

My dear fellow Penumpang Kristian,

I don’t know if you would be standing side-by-side wearing the same color as our PAS rakan-rakan, or if you would be wearing yellow, or merely praying at home, but I pray we could have the courage to stand steadfast in this season of divided world,  to muster that little mustard seed of faith and hope to love even those whom we have little reason to love, just as how we come to know that we are being forgiven by our Lord.  We may not be able to change the world, but, we could do at least this much today to discard our reasons to hate Ibrahim Ali in this only country that our Lord has given us.

siuyea, a Khek penumpang , awaiting July 9 from San Francisco Bay Area, recalling these words from St. Augustine.

And thus it is that in the same affliction the wicked detest God and blaspheme, while the good pray and praise. So material a difference does it make, not what ills are suffered, but what kind of man suffers them. For, stirred up with the same movement, mud exhales a horrible stench, and ointment emits a fragrant odor.