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Kotor and Bersih 3.0 @ SF

In Bersih - Kotor and Bersih 3.0 @ SF on 29/04/2012 at 13:07

Assalamualaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuh.

Peace be upon us Malaysians.

Each of us do intend to peacefully come and go.

Yet, as we know it, peace is not in our hearts.

As Malaysians, we love and respect our Sultan and Raja

So, we have set aside the color ‘kuning’ for our Sultans.

Yet, one day today, we wear ‘kuning’.

We, the Rakyat, wanted our voice heard.

Who am I to use the phrase ‘We, the Rakyat’?

Yes, I am nobody.  I am not qualified to claim ‘Ketuanan’  over ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.

Exactly, a lot of us are nobody.

If you are like me, you too are a mere penumpang in this world.

20 years ago, I was a reluctant traveler who found himself pushed to the shores of America, as I come to know that there is no place for me in our ‘Fair’ Malaysian education system.

Today, if you are like me, you would still find yourself being a ‘nobody’. 

I find that, even if I had a vote at all from afar, my vote would not matter much.

If you doubt my words, please be reminded how little ‘MyOverseasVote’ movement had progress.

If you thought an urban KLite vote matters, look at the chart printed from Bridget Welsh’s note to us Malaysians (http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2012/04/27/high-stakes-for-bersih-3-0-rally/).

You will then notice it takes over  a hundred [and ten] thousands of us in Kapar to get our voice heard as opposed to five [seven] thousands of us in Putra Jaya to get the same voice heard in Parliament.

So much gerrymandering [malapportionment] had been done since our forgotten 1969 racial riots.

Today, it takes a miracle to change the balance in our Parliamentary system.

By vote, Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat owns KL today.

Yet, today, our KL mayor could still get away when he criminalizes KLites who merely wish to sit in the square which symbolizes the nation’s freedom.

KLite doesn’t even have the right to choose their mayor.

All of us are here with our own reasons. 

Many are here because we think our presence could result a better tomorrow.

But, some are merely here to ‘police’.  You know … to ‘mata-mata’?

In my religion, I learn that forgiveness is the place where justice and love meets.

It’s ok that some of us are here to police the others.

Given so, I hope it is okay for the authority to appreciate the Rakyat’s effort to wear ‘kuning’ today.

We are merely here to do the same policing work.

Rakyat wanted to forgive.  But, ‘Tuan-tuan dan Puan-puan’ must  allow us to do so.

The first step of doing so, as Bridget Welsh put it, is to stop denying the fact that Malaysia had been a dirty ‘kotor’ nation.

Every fabric of our society is ‘kotor’ because the ‘Ketuanan’ in us exists.

This in turn has gradually formed a culture of cronyism, of ‘I help you, and you help me’.

Many of us are here reluctantly in SF because we wanted to escape the cronies that we grew up with.

Some of the fortunate few are here because the cronies around you and in you had been here to help.

That is the one reason we collectively don’t have peace in our hearts.

So I hope today’s ‘makan at the park at Fort Mason’ could be a day for all of us to remember.

It is day to share and convince each other that each of us have contributed to the ‘kotor’ in Malaysia.

It is through ‘bersih’, a movement towards fair and accountable election, can our collective ‘kotor’ conscience be made clean.

So, share your stories today.  Have courage to share it even with those who think they are not ‘kotor’.  We are mere passerby in this world.

We are thankful because of this beautiful Bersih 3.0 day.

May our Tuhan, whoever He may be, bless us all on whatever that is remaining of our day.