Don’t ask where I am from .. Taiye Selasi

In Gerakan Harapan Baru on 08/10/2015 at 13:33

History is real, culture is real, but country only comes about 400 years ago.
All experience is local. I am a local, multi-local.
Taiye comes from United States is not real. But, Taiye comes from Brooklyn is real.
Despite I like Ghanian food, I have no relationship with the Republic of Ghana, …

Tell me your local affairs .. our experience is where I am from.

Rituals, Relationships, and Restrictions.
Where are these happening. Country doesn’t quite work.
We are quite a multi-local.
Definition of Melayu in our Constitution half a century ago, says exactly that.

Countries expresses only Power.
Mexico, .. no power.
United States, Germany, power.
Russia, China, ambigous.

The more local culture, the richer our human experience.

Taiye reminds me of a song in Chinese, Olive tree: don’t ask where I am from.

Ask why I am a pendatang…


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